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The Thoroughbred Health Network provides information on some of the most important topics in the Equine industry of the UK. Some of the articles have a wide focus on the healthcare of horses and how to prevent some of the most common equine diseases found in the UK.

Equine diseases are found across the globe and can be treated easily by veterinarians. Staying up to date on the latest advice on equine healthcare and how to take proper care of horses can be found on this website. New and updated articles can be found frequently regarding all topics about the equine industry and equine disease prevention.

As the equine industry is a competitive business in the UK, we supply vital information on how to attract investors when becoming active in the industry and to know about the most important facts and figures regarding the equine industry.

UK Equine Industry

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The UK equine industry is one of the largest contributors in the economy regarding leisure, agriculture, and professional careers. It is known that in the UK there are over 27 million individuals with an interest in the Equine Industry. In the year 2021 alone, the amount of people riding at least once per year has gone up by 300 000 people.

Riding has become a regular leisure activity for over 1.8 million people in the UK population in recent years. With a horse population of over 847 000 horses, the industry is thriving and becoming one of the largest leisure industries in the country.

The value of the industry is currently standing at £4.7 billion of consumer spending services from vets and goods such as feeding and stable equipment. The statistics on the popularity of horse riding is quickly building up to a larger and more prosperous industry for business-minded people and individuals with a love for the equine industry.

Diseases and injury have become a major problem in the UK with many horses getting sick from infectious equine diseases. The Thoroughbred Health Network provides vital information on some of the most important guides to follow to keep horses healthy and disease-free.

With riding and jumping being a popular leisure activity in the industry, injury can happen easily and frequently. Veterinarians in the UK specialise in keeping horses healthy with vaccinations and other biosecurity measures. Injuries should also be taken care of by specialised equine veterinarians.

Visit the Thoroughbred Health Network frequently for updated and newly posted articles on the equine industry, disease prevention, and diagnosing diseases.